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Transform Your Health

Each step of this program blends research-informed health practices, neuroscience, holistic approaches and strategy, culminating in a unique method that Dr Aamer has developed and successfully tested with patients. We apply our Transform coaching model to help you achieve your health goals. Transform stands for:

T opics of concern
R esearch the current reality
A wareness you discover
N ew way of being
S elect changes to make health breakthroughs
F orm your action plan
O pportunities and obstacles exploration
R adical responsibility for your results
M anifest your path to health

This program is for individuals whose work involves sitting all day, with high pressure demands on their time and energy. When health is not prioritised, health challenges can creep up in the form of high blood pressure, or pre-diabetes. People start complaining about back pain, pain in knees, excess weight, tiredness, low energy, and stress. In most cases the health challenges remain unnoticed or ignored until the body protests, often as a heart attack. Often people try to improve their health but they either give up along the way or lack knowledge about how to do it properly. Information shared on social media can be hazardous to follow. For example, some weight loss diets are dangerous for patients with diabetes.

The Transform Your Health program can help you with making desired changes, find relief from back and knee pain, feel relaxed and have more energy. You can greatly reduce your risk of developing heart disease and diabetes.

Want to know more? Contact us for getting personalised attention to challenges you find hard to deal with on your own.

Personalized Asthma Management

With a Personalized Asthma Management Plan, you can choose to remain on top of asthma rather than asthma controlling your life. Asthma is a leading cause of discomfort for patients around the world. It also accounts for emergency hospital admissions, occupational ill health, inability to participate in sports and restless sleep due to difficulty in breathing. Asthma remains under-diagnosed and under-treated which causes unnecessary suffering to patients.

Sleep Better, Control Insomnia

This program will help you understand what keeps you up at night and what to do about it. You will get to experience our unique approach to help you reach your health goals. Sleep is our life-support system and it’s important to understand how to get a good night’s sleep for optimum health. Get in touch to learn more about we can help.

Migration Health Advice

With over two decades of experience in performing immigration health assessments for Canada and New Zealand, Dr Aamer can help you make an informed decision before you invest a large sum of money in the process. A number of countries require health clearance for the purpose of immigration or study. At times applicants face rejection on health grounds after spending a significant amount of money during the process. Contact us to make an appointment.

Common Challenges

  • I have recently been diagnosed with diabetes and high blood pressure and I want to take as little medication as possible.
  • My trousers have become a bit of a tight fit.
  • I have to loosen the belt to relieve the backache.
  • I slow down to catch my breath after climbing a flight of stairs.
  • I wonder if I can avoid developing a chronic disease in the future.
  • My diabetes is poorly controlled, and I was advised by a doctor to change my lifestyle. I have no idea what to do and my doctor was too busy to advise.
  • My wife has persuaded me to do something about my belly. She is concerned that it’s not good for my health.

A Client’s Story