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Seniors Healthcare Advisory Program – March 5 2022

Quoted in The Guardian

“The smog is making it very hard for the people to breathe and having issues in the throat, irritation in eyes and the weather is very dangerous for people who have lung issues and some other diseases. I have instructed some of my patients not to go out”.
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“My wife is Dr Iqbal’s patient, a thorough professional. He is a patient doctor who makes sure that all curiosities and fears of a patient are satisfied and settled. We definitely recommend him! Do make sure to ask him for his custom made and very helpful brochures on asthma management”

Daraab Wali Furqan

“Dr Aamer effectively and accurately diagnosed me just after seeing a pattern of my symptoms on social media! I’m grateful for his astute nature and helpful comments. What my doctors insisted on recurring bronchitis, he asked me to question them about adult onset asthma. And indeed! That’s what it was!”

Carrie Wilkerson

“Dr Aamer listens, which is a rare quality in doctors these days. He doesn’t jump to immediate conclusions upon hearing a patient recount their symptoms of an ailment and advises with caution after systematic analysis and testing. He is an empathetic doctor.”


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