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How Appointments Work

We are thrilled that you are trusting us to guide you on your health and wellness journey!

Life is too short; we are here to guide you to your pathway to health and wellbeing. 

You can text your enquiry at 0318 4179639 to make appointments

For wellness programs and mindfulness coaching, we invite you to email at consult@lahorewellness.com to book your discovery session with Dr Aamer Iqbal or Syma Ahmed.

Payments can be made to our Habib Bank Account. Details will be provided after the appointment is booked.

Thank you for taking the time to engage with us!

Dr Aamer Iqbal

Dr Aamer Iqbal has been trusted by patients for over thirty years for excellence in medical practice and patient-centred healthcare.

Syma Ahmed

Syma is certified in Positive Psychiatry and Mental Health from the University of Sydney, Australia, along with a couple of Business degrees from World top 50 Universities.

Coaching you on your pathway to restoring your health and wellbeing